Weight: 160.00 lbs
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Weight: 160.00 lbs
Shipping: Calculated at checkout
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Stainless Steel Caddy Racks for Dodge Trucks

Features of Stainless Steel Truck Caddy Racks:
1. Does not rust, fade or peel.
2. Rear End Bar swings 180 degrees and also locks in place.
3. Torsion bar truss adds strength.
4. Cab over extension is standard.
5. Built-in window protection
6. Screen style is expanded metal (Tubular steel is not available.)

Load Capacity: 1,000 pounds, uniformly distributed

TCRs are not UPS acceptable.

Note: TCR’s will fit 6 1/2′ & longer beds on Full-size trucks and 6′ & longer beds
on Mid-size trucks.

TRC 6998
Dodge Ram/Long Full Size
2002-2015 160 lbs.
TRC 6998-CC
Dodge Ram/Long (Crew Cab)
2002-2015 165 lbs.
TRC 6978
Dodge Ram/Short Full Size (6 1/2 ft. bed)
2002-2015 152 lbs.
TRC 6999
Dodge Ram/Long Full Size
94-2001 160 lbs.
TRC 6999-CC
Dodge Ram/Long Full Size (Crew Cab)
94-2001 165 lbs.
TRC 6980
Dodge Ram/Short Full Size (6 1/2 ft. bed)
94-2001 152 lbs.
TRC 7099
Dodge/Long Full Size
Up thru 93 160 lbs.
TRC 7099-CC
Dodge/Long Full Size (Crew Cab)
Up thru 93 165 lbs.
TRC 7080
Dodge/Short Full Size
Up thru 93 152 lbs.
TRC 6099
Dodge Dakota/Long (Special Order)
87-2004 155 lbs.
TRC 6080
Dodge Dakota/Short (6 1/2 ft. bed)
87-2015 142 lbs.

Note: Last two digits denote approximate outside length at legs. Extensions (18″) can be ordered in place of extended cab models- please specify model number TCR-EXT. SOME SIZES AVAILABLE AS SPECIAL ORDERS ONLY AND PRICED ACCORDINGLY. Extended cab models for short bed-full sized trucks are standard. The front extension for ‘CC’ models (distance from the front of the bed to the front of the TCR) on full size trucks – longbeds and shortbeds – is about 76 inches. The front extension on midsized trucks is about 54 inches.

WARNING: Ladders must be properly supported whenever transported on any rack.

Weight 160.00 lbs
Dimensions L 0.00 x W 0.00 x H 0.00 in

TCR 6080, TCR 6099, TCR 6978, TCR 6980, TCR 6998, TCR 6999, TCR 7080, TCR 7099


W/o Front Extension, With Front Extension, With Front Extension – Crew Cab

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