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Griphoist Mechanical Hoist

Increase of Lifting Power

Griphoist machines used in conjunction with sheave blocks will efficiently solve most pulley and lifting problems. Using sheave blocks on the hauling rope, the nominal capacity of Griphoist machines can be multiplied 2, 3, and even 4 times.

It is not difficult to figure the number of line parts to be used for a given load. It is important, especially when there is a greater number of line parts, to take into account the friction in the sheaves, which can have a non-negligible influence on the strain exerted on the hoist and the top anchoring hook of the block.

The Griphoist Mechanical Hoist System offers you a lot of versatility in many environments where lifting heavy items is a concern.

Note: Requires the use of GHWR (Wire Rope) to operate. Sold seperately

Note: Determine which product you need from the table below and then select the corresponding model number from the radio buttons above. That individual product’s price will be presented in red above.

TU-17 TU-28
Material Lifting Capacity (lbs.) 2,000* 4,000*
Hoist Weight (lbs.) 18.5 41
Standard Wire Rope** Weight (lbs.) 30′ @ 8 60′ @ 28.9
Operating Handle Weight (lbs.) 2.2 5.32
Total Weight Ship 32 80
Overall Dim. (inches) 20.75 X 9.75 X 4.5 26 X 13 X 5.75
Length of Dim. (inches) 22 / 28 31.5 / 47.5
Griphoist Wire Rope Diameter Inches (mm) 5/16 (8.4) 7/16 (11.6)
Griphoist Wire Rope Break Load (lbs.) 10,000 20,000
Approx. Speed Per Min. (fpm) 7 -9 7 – 8

* Capacity calculated for materials hoisting. For personal use, conform to all safety regulations.
** Any odd lengths supplied on request. Unless specified otherwise, wire rope is fitted with its standard safety hook at one end and welded point on the other end. A lightweight metal reel, supplied with the wire rope facilitates carrying and stowing. Griphoist units are not sold without wire rope.

American National
Standards Institute
Occupational Safety
and Health Administration
Weight 32.00 lbs
Dimensions L 0.00 x W 0.00 x H 0.00 in

TU-17, TU-28

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